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For his crimes against the Valley, Tai Lung was sentenced to life imprisonment. Over time, Tai Lung became proud and overly confident in his abilities, having mastered Leopard Style kung fu and advanced techniques such as nerve attacks, as well as all one-thousand scrolls of kung fu. Melvin Sneedly | Tai Lung was found as a cub, abandoned at the doorstep of the Jade Palace, by Master Shifu. Tai Lung can be considered as a foil to Po (which is very fitting) as both desperately wanted to become the Dragon Warrior. In some concepts of the character, as well as in Kung Fu Panda: The Game and at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda Holiday (but never in the first film), Tai Lung was also shown wearing a studded shoulder plate and a metal gauntlet on his right arm. Shifu then mourned for his fallen son, ashamed of not being able to reel his inner demons until it was too late. James Hook | He also displayed the ability to hold blue fire in his bare paws and use it when fighting, showing no visible signs of pain and demonstrating a high tolerance of it. Lord Shen | I dont think he should really be considered that much more than an anti-hero or misleaded villain. Headless Horseman | Plus Shen himself admitted that he wouldn't be able to beat people through Kung Fu alone so had to create weapons. Punch Monkeys, Live-Action Movies Giving a powerful strike to Po only caused the panda to inadvertently rebound the force right to Tai Lung, sending him flying into a wall. In the original film, the number of dust particles in the dust cloud created after Tai Lung dives into. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Thinking quickly, Tai Lung rapidly leaped from rock to falling rock, finally reaching the last bundle of explosives that had yet to be set off—and tossed it among the guards as it exploded, blasting open the heavy doors and finishing off the remaining guards and Vachir, presumably killing them all.  •  Kung fu master •  Prisoner of Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly) Meanwhile, in the Valley of Peace, the potential Dragon Warrior (Po) is being trained to fight Tai Lung. He also appears on one of Kai's Jombie Amulets, but his amulet is only briefly visible in certain shots and is never used against the heroes. Dino Brewster, Shorts, Television and Video Games However, despite being a warrior of great skill, strength, and determination, Tai Lung finally met his match when he was defeated by Po, the true Dragon Warrior. 1. Kai the Collector | Transformers Cinematic Universe Villains | Later, in the episode "Master and the Panda", Peng ended up learning the truth about what had happened to Tai Lung and attacked Po, who tried to reason with Peng that his uncle was evil. Indominus rex | Mantah Corp, See Also Still furious that Shifu had let Oogway's decision stand, Tai Lung did not hesitate to knock Shifu aside, shattering his hip before he leaped for the scroll. Their once was a snow leopard named Tai-Lung. By the time Tai Lung finally arrived at the Jade Palace, the whole Valley had been evacuated on Shifu's orders, leaving only the master himself to confront Tai Lung at the palace steps. Snow leopard Alias 4. Kung Fu Panda Fanfic/Tai Lung x Reader Prolouge. Despite this, however, he ultimately could not defeat Po in battle, and was defeated by a combination of Po's skill, natural immunity to his nerve attack and use of the Wuxi Finger Hold. Commander Vachir only boasted he had everything under control and that escape from Chorh-Gom was impossible. Nellie Lovett | Male C'est également l'ancien maître de Tai Lung. Every inch of Tai Lung's body is very well trained. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kung Fu Panda character. Formerly a potter, Peng traveled around in search of his uncle, Tai Lung, where he was soon discovered as a kung fu prodigy at the Valley of Peace's Peace Jubilee. Tai Lung was originally intended to lead a villainous army named the Lang Shadow Army comprised of wolves, as well as gorilla and ox allies in the film. It was this double rejection that revealed the darkness in Tai Lung's heart, expressed in pure rage as he attacked and ravaged the Valley of Peace and later ruthlessly struck Shifu aside when he tried to stop him from taking the Dragon Scroll by force. Kung Fu Panda (2006) - The Furious Five Bridge Fight Scene (7 10) Movieclips. Henchfrogs | Age Horde Prime | Boris Badenov | Kuai Xun | In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po mentions that the Wuxi Finger Hold sends the opponent to the Spirit Realm which indicates that Tai Lung was sent there when he was defeated. Shorts This is a complete set from 2008 as seen in the official promo ad. Kung Fu Panda is a media franchise by DreamWorks Animation, consisting of three films: Kung Fu Panda (2008), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) and Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016). Kung Fu Panda Holiday (briefly in dream) Tai Lung was sent crashing through another wall and make a charge at Po in blind rage, only to be sent flying into the sky before landing and making a hole in the ground. After a brief fight, Tai Lung was defeated once again when Po kicked him and sent him flying off into the horizon, exploding into a portal-like light on impact. Colonel Cutter | This provoked Tigress, who took him on, joined by other members of the Furious Five until only Mantis was left to support the bridge. Master(s) Deathgrippers | Cuenta con música de Hans Zimmer y John Powell. Tai lung (Kung Fu Panda) vs Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda 2) Battle. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (in flashbacks, dialogue, and physical likeness)[7] Despite this, Tai Lung was capable of using it to paralyze and defeat most of the Furious Five. Chapter 1: Starting Over. Po : Oh, you know this hold. Natasha Fatale | Discovered by Shifu outside the palace as an infant, Tai Lung was taken in as his son and apprentice, and later displayed an innate talent for kung fu. Judy Alvarez. Temutai | Nightmares | Instead, he became even more determined that he was the Dragon Warrior, even telling Zeng that he was "the real Dragon Warrior" after he escaped, even though one had been chosen already. A successful sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2 was released in 2011. Dr. NOUVEAU. 1. Knocking him down the thousand steps, he fought Po for possession of the Dragon Scroll, only to be outsmarted and outdone at every turn in a series of game-like obstacles. [1], Shifu presenting Tai Lung to Oogway in a flashback. Shifu took him in and raised him as his son, showered him with love, and trained him in the arts of Kung Fu, which Tai Lung proved to be a prodigy at. He showed off how the mighty snow leopard was "completely immobilized," going so far as to stomp on Tai Lung's tail and tease him with the information that Oogway was going to finally choose the Dragon Warrior and that it would not be Tai Lung. Tai Lung had heard rumors of the Dragon Warrior's appearance that he "fell from the sky on a ball of fire" and was "a warrior, unlike anything the world has ever seen." Tai Lung makes a cameo in Kung Fu Panda 3 as an action figure Po is playing with while taking a bubble bath. In a last attempt to outwit Tai Lung, Vachir ordered the bridge to be destroyed by setting off explosives attached to the roof of the prison, causing falling chunks of rock the size of boulders to smash into the walkway Tai Lung was standing on. Fossas | Robert Turner | Status He is the only villain of the trilogy to mention Po by name at least once. He attempted to call him out by stating that Shifu wouldn't have taught him such a move, but became horrified when Po told him that he simply figured it out himself. He was the adoptive son and former student of Shifu, as well as a powerful master of the Leopard Style of kung fu. Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Tai Lung Escapes. 3. In Development Tai Lung was designed to be "the hero of his own story," overcoming obstacles to chase only what he believes to be rightfully his, a concept that was inspired by The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Despite Po's best efforts, Tai Lung finally gets the Dragon Scroll, only to realize that it was blank. Humpty Alexander Dumpty | He was Shifu's former adopted son, Tigress' former adopted older brother, and Po's main arch-enemy. 1 Tai Lung played General Grievous in Animation Star Wars 2 Tai Lung played Genie Jafar in Sonicladdin (Disneystyles8) 3 Tai Lung played Mr. Pharaoh Rameses | It was with the last disabling blow that Shifu finally cracked, telling Tai Lung he had always been proud of him, so much that his pride had blinded him to what Tai Lung was becoming and what he had unwittingly turned him into. Le maître Shifu est l'élève de Maître Oogway et le maître des Cinq cyclones et de Po. Layton T. Montgomery | It is the first installment in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Shifu bowed to Oogway's wishes and helped oversee the construction of the ominously impressive Chorh-Gom Prison, located in the frigid outskirts of Mongolia. Once freed, Tai Lung was quickly spotted by the Anvil of Heaven, who scrambled to contain him with everything they had. Diesel or Diesel 10 (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) Kung Fu Panda Villains | Kung Fu Panda Holiday . Fearless Leader | Blue Latimore | Yuji Itadori. After breaking out of prison, he sought to claim the Dragon Scroll and take his place as the Dragon Warrior once again. One of his lines "Finally! There was nothing else to do but prevent such devastation from happening again. Cuenta con música de Hans Zimmer y John Powell. Jack & Jill | After letting Zeng go, he set out to return to the Jade Palace, bent on revenge and gaining the power of the Dragon Scroll he had been denied long ago. Voiced most times by Peter McHugh. Socktopus | Tai Lung's outfit consists of a brown-studded belt and a pair of purple slacks, along with Shaolin leg wraps. V (Female) 3. You... you're just a big... fat... panda! Tai Lung deserved to be respected and feared, and it makes Po's defeat of him all the more powerful. Trained by Shifu at the Jade Palace, Tai Lung was raised under the impression that he was to become the Dragon Warrior. Films Rapunzel | Shifu proudly raised and trained him, driving him to train hard and believing that he was destined to become the Dragon Warrior, unaware he was tempering in the young snow leopard's heart a lust for power as Tai Lung, at the promise of Shifu, gained the mindset that he was indeed the Dragon Warrior. Cetus | Fung | Fai Suan | Lola | He is a mighty snow leopard who was Shifu's former student and adoptive son, Tigress' adoptive older brother and he is also the first archenemy of Po. Professor Poopypants | Eye color Human Resistance (Dr. Emilia, Greta, Zane) | However, the Furious Five's victory was short-lived as Tai Lung managed to use what was left of the now-destroyed rope bridge to seamlessly swing up and break free, landing behind the startled team. Splitter | White Bone Demon | Traveling across China at top speed, Tai Lung came to the Thread of Hope, a rope bridge that served as the only passage through the mountains. Tai Lung is an intimidating fighter who is willing to fight to the extreme, and is both resourceful and unpredictable, having mastered various styles of kung fu. Even after being heavily immobilized in jail for two decades, his Kung Fu skills and strength had not deteriorated mostly due to his Chi control technique in the general Kung Fu universe. To enact his plan for revenge, he gathered multiple clans and gangs, including the Wu Sisters, to capture enough villagers so that their energy can power his new weapon, which would give him super strength. The reason Tai Lung breaks the tradition is to give him a Meaningful Name, courtesy of his father Shifu: Tai Lung means "great/ultimate dragon", so he is named for what it was believed he would be (the Dragon Warrior) rather than his kung fu style. Il est le seul parmi les Cinq Cyclones à se battre avec une arme : un bâton. Confused and frustrated at this, Tai Lung tried to attack Po again and continued to fight in vain as Po used his physical attributes to overwhelm the snow leopard to the point where he had Tai Lung in the Wuxi Finger Hold. Monkey accidentally let slip that the identity of the Dragon Warrior was named Po and an intrigued Tai Lung declared he would finally have a worthy opponent for a legendary battle. Taotie | A successful sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2 was released in 2011. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po mentions that the Wuxi Finger Hold sends the opponent to the Spirit Realm which indicates that Tai Lung was sent there when he was defeated. Maître Shifu (Panda Roux) Shifu est le maître des légendaires Cinq Cyclones. And in the Legends of Awesomeness series, Po is pretty explicit about having killed Tai Lung. For designing Tai Lung, character artist Nicolas Marlet looked to Chinese theatrical makeup as inspiration for Tai Lung's facial fur. Shifu Trees | 1440x900 Movie Kung Fu Panda AlphaEdifice6083. Sweeney Todd | Kung Fu Panda : Le Choc des Légendes sur Wii U : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports.  •  Kung Fu Panda •  Kung Fu Panda 2 (briefly in flashback; mentioned) •  Kung Fu Panda 3 (as one of Kai's amulets) Roc | Tai Lung in Mr. Ping's nightmare in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. Tai Lung : [growls] I rotted in jail for 20 years because of YOUR weakness! Blayde | Infant Tai Lung being discovered by Shifu. Add a file to this gallery. Minor scratches around figures. Tai Lung speaking to Zeng after the escape. Unimpressed to see them, Tai Lung's first reaction was to ask where the Dragon Warrior was. He refused him the title, surprising and disappointing both Shifu and Tai Lung, and Tai Lung looked to his master and father-figure for support, only to be further dismayed when Shifu did nothing to object to Oogway's decision. Tai Lung's seething rage and fury did not fade, even after spending twenty years in prison. Though Tai Lung makes no live appearance in the series, he is shown in flashbacks and is mentioned on more than one occasion: In "Rhino's Revenge", Tai Lung made a brief cameo during Hundun's flashback of the snow leopard's escape from Chorh-Gom Prison. Posted by 1 day ago. Tai-Lung's Miracle. Kung Fu Panda, Maître Shifu. Biographical info The traditional Leopard Style relies on the enormous upper body strength—the fighter crouches, remaining low to the ground. 4. Wallace and Gromit Villains, Movies Po est un jeune panda serveur de restaurant où il travaille sous les ordres de M. Ping, son père adoptif. Hordak | Le Frog | King Fossa | Gil Mars | Jade Tusk | Goon Leader | Tai Lung retains his arrogance and brutality; he could not believe for one second that Po, an overweight panda, could be the Dragon Warrior which ironically was a factor in his defeat. 60% * 3. We never saw him in a prolonged fight, but considering how much of a pragmatist he is he probably knows every other experienced Master is out of his league. Lord Farquaad | Kung Fu Panda Confused and outraged, Tai Lung laid waste to the Valley, cutting a swath of destruction in his fury before charging back to the Jade Palace to try and take the Dragon Scroll by force. Fairy Godmother | Fat Barry | Partage-le avec tes amis!

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